Judging a book by it’s cover…

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Greetings ,

Don’t you find it hard to  constantly feel  judged , scrutinized and criticized on pretty much a daily basis? I know I do and it sometimes makes me so sad , even mad , that I just want to scream to the world to leave me alone …Nowadays it seems like a lot of people think that freedom of  speech is the same as saying everything that goes through your mind … Not really !!! There are limits to what you can write or say on the internet or to others in person! How can one be so sure of what they imply when they have no idea who you are ? Why is it that when someone does not like pop music , for example , that it is automatically not good and that everyone else should feel the same way ? I think that these people who think like so ,are really full of themselves ! Having an opinion does not give you the right to be mean and especially attack others with meaningless and hurtful words !

I have strong opinions and I stand by them  but I am also very opened and I can engage a civil conversation even though the other person does not think alike ( I might change my view and see things from another perspective) …I listen and believe me I wasn’t always the best listener but I have grown and I have learned from my mistakes as experience can be a brutal teacher sometimes but as long as you learn from those it will make you a better being for sure!Having a civil conversation does not mean it has to be boring , on the contrary it can be very animated if you remain polite and if it s done with respect . What I mean is that you can be expressive and loud like I am but not condescending , you see?

This all looks simple and it could be but there are so many different circumstances that comes along the way …Not everyone is made the same , some are sensitive , some are fighters , some are independent etc… Whether you are on social medias or in front of someone that you don t know or do because you can never really know someone fully as I believe that we all have our little secret garden ( and that is absolutely legitimate ) I feel that you have the duty to be respectful even if that person isn’t towards you . Be a better one and don’t embark on a journey of revenge. ( Eye for an eye)  If you do well prepare to dig 2 graves , one for you and the other for you enemy ( Figure of Speech) because “Vengeance always comes with a price”. That being said when a situation like this happens I ask myself if it is really worth it and important to advance in the conversation per say or maybe it s just wise to drop the ball! If you do let it go that does not mean that you are weak …no no no , it takes a lot of strength to do so because think about it for a sec … aren’t you giving all your attention just so that it makes the other feel important ? Perhaps that is all they are looking for and that no matter how thorough you were , you are bound to loose !

Now ,i could write all night and state so many examples but I just said it , there are so many…I am only writing the big lines and some questions so that it can help you find the solutions . It can help you do some introspection and that goes for anyone that reads this . Ask yourself if it s worth a fight or why do I need so much attention ?

If you ever need to share your stories with me please feel free to contact me via e-mail if you do not wish it to be public and I will do my best to give you suggestions and recommendations !

Remember , Be safe Always !


Sylvana XO